30 Minute Writing Challenge

The world is filled with thousands of aspiring authors. Yet, as each day passes by, not a single page is written to make their dreams a reality. Everyday we add new pages to our personal book of life. With each new experience lies an opportunity to grow and learn from. While learning and developing your[…]


“Help! There’s a Cockroach in my Chili!”

I have been working faithfully for about three months at Donnelly Communications and since my time here, I have learned one important concept.  That is: You are graded by the problems you resolve not the problems you cause. Here at Donnelly, we serve as guest response agents for the corporate office of major businesses and[…]

Courage comes from being Pissed off!

Where does one find courage? People attribute courage to a rationale of actions that stem from their fear of not having the opportunity to take full advantage of their choices in the future. Others feel that having courage means doing something that they feel might be considered embarrassing such as: Running the streets naked -or-[…]